What are brake calipers

Brake Calipers?

What are brake calipers?

The brake calipers are among the most critical parts of the brake system. Let’s take a look at what the brake calipers are.
The brake caliper is the brake lining and piston installed on the brake caliper through friction with the brake rotor to slow down the speed.
The brake pliers have a pair of metal plates, called brake pads, that are using to stop the wheel from running, and you can think of it as a caliper.
When the brake pedal is pressing down, the brake fluid applies pressure to the brake calipers through the piston, forcing the brake liner to resist the brake disc and slowing down the road.
How to connect the brake caliper to the whole of the car?
The brake clamp is located inside the wheel and guides the brake fluid through the pipe, hose, and valve body connected to the master cylinder.
When to replace the brake calipers?
Under normal driving conditions, over time, the heat generated by the braking system weakens and breaks the seal inside the brake calipers.

If you don’t drive regularly, they may rust, contaminate or get dirty, and start leaking brake fluid.

However, you should check the brakes immediately if you encounter any of the following:

Your brakes are constantly squeaking, squeaking, or grinding.
Brake or anti-lock braking system (ABS) warning light lights up
Your car will suddenly shake or pull to one side when braking.
You need to apply the brake to make it work properly.
The brake pedal feels abnormally soft, spongy, or stern.
You may find brake fluid leaking into the wheels or around the engine compartment.

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