Factory Principles


1. This website is the TYLOLCAR online factory display platform; products are wholesale
2. Email: [email protected] or the lower right corner of the website to request a quotation with tax included
3. Both parties have entered into a cooperative relationship in the form of a contract after reaching a deal
4. The price will change with the cost of raw materials during this period
5. Performance time of the order: the delivery time on the contract shall prevail
6. Order performance subject to the deposit no deposit, the factory will not produce products
7.The buyer shall receive the goods in time at the agreed delivery port. If there is any omission, please send it to us by email. We will bear the error risk (refund or express delivery, we will pay the freight).

8. Consumer’s right to withdraw the contract:
The buyer (Consumer) may cancel the contract without any reason within seven days after receiving the purchased item. In this case, the buyer is responsible for 15% of the deposit (factory labor, machinery depreciation, material loss).
If the contract is to cancel, the buyer must submit an appropriate declaration to the seller. The buyer can use the withdrawal template provided in the following link.
You can find the model statement for exiting the contract at this link (this statement must be filled out and returned if you wish to leave the contract) (click the link to open a PDF file that must be printed, filled in, and signed) :

Cancellation form

Consumers shall respect the exercise of their right to withdraw their goods. The Consumer shall be liable to the seller for damages if he USES the goods “in a manner beyond what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics, and function of the goods.”
9. Unable to cancel the contract:

Contract rights for online contract withdrawal are not vested in the buyer (Consumer) :

If we thoroughly perform the services with the explicit consent of the Consumer, we inform before the commencement of the Services that once the services to provide, he will lose his right to withdraw from the contract.
The object of the service is non-prefabricated parts, which to manufacture, assembled, or used to meet the Consumer’s personal needs according to the Consumer’s specifications;
Complaint Procedures:

10. The Buyer may complain about the agreement reached with the seller via e-mail [email protected] or in writing.

  • Correctly submitted complaints should include a complete complaint form, which you can find below.

Complaint form

Suppose the data or information provided in the complaint needs to supplement. In that case, the seller shall, before considering the complaint, request the person who submitted the complaint to increase within the specified scope.

The seller shall identify the complaint in the correct form within the statutory period from the date of receipt of the complaint:

  • In the event of a complaint, we will send a reply to the buyer at either the E-mail address or the traditional E-mail address.
  • If the complaint is accepted, we are getting to the ordering party in place of the order’s non-conforming document. Without considering the complaint, the seller returned the complained goods by mail and charged a shipping fee after reaching an agreement with the buyer.
  • Address to send complaint:
    No.118, Shangma Village Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China.

11.TYLOLCAR products are guaranteed 24 months and remanufactured products (with appropriate markings on the product card) for 12 months.11 privacy policy protection:

  •    The information provided by the customer is necessary to approve the order, invoice, and warranty agreement. The absence of this information will invalidate the order. The customer voluntarily agrees to process and use his data to fulfill the order by placing an order. The data will not be processed or used for any other purpose.
  •    The customer has the right to inspect its data, make corrections, and request that it is discontinuing.

You can read the (TYLOLCAR Privacy Policy by clicking on the following link):