Rebuilding Brake Calipers(save money)

Rebuilding Brake Calipers

Rebuilding Brake Calipers(save money)

The brake caliper will break down if used too long, but the brake caliper can be remanufactured as it breaks. This is a very cheap way of doing it, much less than buying a brand new one. The brake caliper kit for remanufacturing is available from TylolCar.And some brake calipers are not available, so the reconstructed brake calipers method is very reliable. First, remove the bolts from the tires and pull the calipers. How do I remove these two bolts? It depends on whether you remove the front brake caliper or the rear brake caliper. Different types of calipers have different pistons. The brake caliper design structure reconstruction addition, the rear brake caliper has a stay cable, which needs to separate from the brake caliper. They remove the piston differently; front and rear brake calipers have additional steps, which we will describe separately.

Rebuilding Front Brake Calipers

1. Jump up one wheel and secure it, then place the oil pan under the wheel
2. Release brake hose. It may get stuck when removing the brake pliers, which can entirely remove with a screwdriver or crowbar
3. It’s better to pad the brake pliers with a stone when you put them down. Otherwise, the hose will damage. Pull the piston out of the hole by blowing in compressed air at low pressure.
4. Remove a sealing ring from the brake caliper. Using a small screwdriver, remove the sealing ring from the groove of the hole with a toothpick. Remove some rubber kits
5. If you are trying to paint a brake caliper, clean the paint vigorously with a wire brush
6. Check and clean the piston hole. Sludge is to clean up, and then with detergent, careful cleaning can be used to lubricate the caliper hole with special brake lubricant, set on the sealing ring, and finally press into the piston.
7.Using the new gasket and gasket, rotate the brake caliper back onto the hose. Install the new brake pad using the supplied gasket/anti-noise compound and then re-install the calipers on the care

Rebuilding Rear Brake Calipers

It differs from the front brake calipers in that it has a parking brake stay cable unless you do not want to remove the stay cable.
1. It can be pried open with a screwdriver, which helps the brake cable withdraw from the brake caliper’s lever.
2. Remove the line from the bracket.
3. Rotate the control sensing bolt about half a circle, and then remove the brake caliper bolt.

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4. Use pliers to pull out the return spring.
5. Then turn the brake caliper with a screwThe next step is similar to the front brake caliper removal process.

1. Make sure the new thread has applied the thread lock. Most replacement brake caliper bolts (especially OEM components) will already have a thin layer of thread locking agent applied to the bolt. If not, use plenty of high-quality thread-locks before installation.

2. Slowly insert brake caliper bolt into the spindle. Do not use pneumatic tools to complete the work. Doing so may cross-tighten the bolts and tighten them too tightly.

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