EPB Motor

EPB Motor


Premium electronic parking brake Motor

TylolCAR’S electronic parking brake motor is made from a nanoscale slow-spinning rotor and a Johnson motor with OE test parameters.

For the electronic parking brake system, the most important thing is the motor. In 2012, we spent many workforces, material resources, and financial resources to develop the product for the first time. Our quality is very stable, but we will not relax, and we are each unit tested in many aspects.


How does TYLOLCAR produce EPB motors?

Shell — designed entirely in OE dimensions

Motor — Johnson motor

Belt — meet OE fatigue test standard

Lubricating Oil prevents high – temperature heat from high – strength friction.

Testing —— Each batch is tested and documented against the database


  • Demand reliability: The new TYLOLCAR motor is made only for customers who need high quality and reliability, and we use all premium materials.
  • Demand performance: Each motor is tested before leaving the factory to ensure product stability.
  • Demand service: we provide first-class service, efficient and correct operation, we offer 24-hour online technical support, if you have any questions, we can answer for you.