How to paint brake calipers

paint brake calipers

How to paint brake calipers?

The brake caliper repeatedly used outside will rust, and over time it will lose its luster, which will affect the visual effect and the overall appearance of the car. Any color painted on the brake caliper will make the vehicle appear young and sporty.
The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Please paint your calipers.

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How to paint brake calipers without removing them

Now we are ready to draw calipers. That is the primary method that follows to get the desired surface.
Step 1: jack up the car, clean the brake disc and calipers, make sure the whole clean; if there are dirt and rust on the oil surface of the calipers, please use a wire brush, brush hard.
The second step: this is a crucial step, this step preparation time may be more, let the surface brighter, the better, first remove the fixing clip, and then cover the vent valve with tape for protection. Make sure the valve is completely covered or cover with a plastic bag.
It’s protective.
When this babe has done, take the larger garbage bag and completely cover the brake disc, then carefully smear it so that it does not leak to the rotor.
Step 3: start painting is now you free to play your creative time, no matter what kind of color and paint brand you pursue, you should try to paint evenly, avoid coating very thick because this will affect the appearance, but more coating a few layers of thin coating will be better, each layer dry for about 10 minutes.
It takes 24 hours to dry before removing the trash bags. If you want to run all four wheels simultaneously, dry them at different times.
Step 4: Once the paint is dry, use the jacks to lift the car and install the back nut
What color should I paint the brake calipers?
The paint options for calipers are almost endless. You can use blue, red, orange, silver, black, matte black, white, copper, green, pink, yellow, gold, etc. Red is one of the most popular colors, especially in sports cars, although it is suitable for most vehicles. Alternatively, you can choose black or silver if you want the brake calipers to blend in with the rest of the car. Silver will make them look as good as new again.