How do brake calipers work

How does the brake caliper work

Your brakes are one of the most critical factors affecting the everyday driving of the

vehicle。 Your vehicle’s brake system comprises many parts, including brake pads,

shoes, drums, and rotors. Parts will wear out over time.

Welcome to check the maintenance tips we prepared.

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Do your brakes make a squealing noise?

That noise is often derived from your brake pads or shoes, which means they are no longer available; it is also possible that the brake calipers deviate from the original position, which affects the wheels’ rotation speed. Loose calipers,the size of the pad is inappropriate,glazed rotors, glazed pads, and warped rotors.
If you hear unusual sounds, Please check the vehicle immediately.


Does your steering wheel vibrate or pulse when you brake?

This could show a problem with your car’s brake rotors, and the brake disc clamps the brake pad when you step on the brake. The rotors are exposed to intense (heat); they will wear out over time.
At this time, the metal sheet will bend or thin, which will affect the abnormal sound of the pedals on the steering wheel.
If your customer finds a problem with the caliper, we can provide you with the most comprehensive assistance.
Has it been over a month since you last had your brake fluid checked?
Tell your customer: Let him check the brake fluid once a month. It must prevent rust; excessive patina left in the brake fluid can cause iron contamination and corrosion, affect your brake system’s performance.
If your customer checks the brake fluid once a month, the brake system’s life will increase.

Has your dashboard warning light turned on?

The wear of brake components will cause the brake lights to turn on (this is critical),there are many reasons for the warning light to turn on.
Please check the brakes before you leave for a pleasant journey

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