Front caliper 34280-34281

Brake Caliper Attribute

Caliper NO:311615107B 311615108B

Brake caliper 34280-34281
Brake caliper 34280-34281


Piston Specifications &   Brake Disc

     Piston 1 Bore (in) 1.654
    Piston 2 Bore (in) 0
    Brake Disc Thickness(in) 0.433
Weight  & Material
  Weight(Lbs) 13.865
   Material cast iron
Brake System ATE
Structure of the brake clamp Brake Caliper with an integrated parking brake


This is not the Brembo Brake Caliper; this is the new Caliper made by TYLOLCAR. Brake calipers are affordable, but only wholesale.


Part Numbers

OE EAN Cardone Budweg Brake ENGINEE   Descriptions
311615107B 5708114108364 34280 CA136 Front Axle Left  Caliper Only
311615108B 5050590006697 34281 CA136R Front Axle Right Caliper Only


Models & Year



VW ESCARABAJO 1500 1.6 AD 70/07 – 73/01