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TYLoLCAR’s brake caliper is tested on the most advanced and advanced testing equipment following the most stringent standards and forged by OE and through-loading tests to ensure the same shape and function with OE or beyond OE.

Although the best piston’s choice and success don’t stop there, we do not control the product’s quality. To make customers more satisfied, all of our detection with OE as the standard.


Premium Caliper Car

The brake caliper is also an essential part of TYLOLCAR, and we have invested heavily in the market for brake calipers for various brands.

This brake caliper is suitable for passenger cars and cars.
Why is that? Because of our strict adherence to high-quality principles, TYLOLCAR provides a lifeline to the market.

Max Gripping Force

Clamping force is one of the highest factors of brake calipers.
As a CE certified factory, we can provide quality calipers beyond OE specification; advanced equipment is our quality more solid.