How brake calipers work


How brake calipers work

  •  It has all the characteristics of the front brake clamp
  •  Parking brake mechanism and driving brake mechanism act together on the same brake pliers, which is conducive to the overall structural arrangement of the brake
  •  Casting aluminum housing makes calipers lighter and safer
  •  Can be specific between the brake pads to achieve rationalization
  1. The arm rotates and moves forward under the action of the ball
  2. The drive rod is rotated by the pull arm and shifted forward
  3. Push the screw forward
  4. The screw drives the screw sleeve to move forward. When the screw moves, compress the spring
  5. The screw sleeve moves forward to drive the piston to move outward to drive the brake disc, generating clamping force

1. Compression spring extension tension

2. Under the action of the spring, drive the pull arm to rotate and move backward

3. Tendency of the compression spring to shift the screw backward

4. Under the action of the spring, the ball is restored to make the driving rod translate backward and turn

5. The screw moves backward while driving the screw sleeve to shift to the left

6. Restore the rectangular seal ring and move the piston backward to contact the limiting force