Brake caliper toolS

Brake Caliper Tool

Brake Caliper Tool

The best brake caliper tool is the brake caliper rewind tool toolstation.
Why use 1. First, stop the car most safely but don’t use the handbrake
2.Next, use the jack to lift the car and remove the wheel, revealing that you want to fix the brake calipers.
3.Please remove one or both caliper fasteners, remove the caliper pivot from the brake disc, or obliterate it. Note: be very careful not to damage or jam the brake hose during this process, as this can cause damage to the brake system
4.Disconnect the wear warning line and remove brake pads.
5.The front brake caliper and rear brake caliper’s piston diameters are not the same. Please select the drive key with the same diameter as the piston to fit the position.
6.Install the drive key on the power screw. The fastening screw is magnetic, so it will be much easier to install. Use two pins and actively engage the drive key. Note: some pistons need to be pressed hard.
7.Slide the reaction plate over the T-bar on the screw and operate on the reaction valve body against the flange at the bottom of the post
8.Now, place the counterforce plate on the caliper piston and take out the piston.
9.Finally, tighten by counterclockwise rotation.
10.Install new brake pads and reinstall brake clamps

This is the whole use process of the brake caliper tool.

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