Brake Caliper Service Life

Brake Caliper Service Life

How long will the brake calipers last

The brake caliper’s service time will vary depending on the material, type of brake, and maintenance level you use. Of course, Tylolcar’s brake calipers are made of high-quality materials to meet customer requirements.
The brake calipers are equipping with a piston, which uses the force of hydraulic brake fluid to stop the brake. The brake liner is pressed against the rotating disc brake’s rotor, creating friction.
Some calipers can be fitted with many pistons and have either a fixed or floating mounting design. Fixed disc calipers have pistons on both sides. They are selected because they are above the brake.
Instead, the pistons of the floating calipers slide from side to side so that the pistons apply pressure from both sides.
Usually, disc brake calipers are rugged and durable but withstand harsh conditions while the wheel is turning. On modern cars, the calipers can go 100,000 miles or ten years.

Rebuild and replace calipers

New pistons, seals, pins, pin sleeves, pin caps, boots, and other items are available in auto parts stores to rebuild worn calipers, but this is now too time-consuming and labor costly. When the old caliper becomes too fragile, it suggests that replacing it with a new one is more economical.
How is the brake calipers worn?
When the caliper is in the standard drive, a lot of heat is generating. This heat is transferred directly from the bearing bush and rotor to the caliper assembly. In the caliper assembly, the temperature can be up to 300℉
In countless times of the highest temperature rapidly drop to the lowest temperature, calipers inside and outside the structure will suffer corrosion.
Because the internal temperature of the brake caliper can change the brake fluid into steam instantly, and then condensation, and finally corrosion effect

Signs of caliper damage

Immobilized calipers may damage the brake lining and cause the vehicle to pull sideways. When applying force, the car will grip the side pull; this time, the grip is more robust. When releasing the brake pedal, you will notice that you are pulling .backward
Friction pads are unevenly stressed.

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