Brake Caliper Grease

Clean Brake Caliper

The best way to maintain the brake caliper

1. For a long time, the brake calipers will rust slowly and make a harsh noise. I recommend using brake caliper grease, which will be sold in auto parts supermarkets.
2. Do not mind grinding the rusty place with a fresh brush directly.


The advantages of brake caliper grease:

1. Moisture-proof and anticorrosive – not easy to scrub off
2. Brake caliper grease can withstand temperature range from -40°F to 400°F
3. It can use on all metals and rubber

Steps of using brake caliper grease

1. Prepare a wire brush or any tool to clean the surface
2. Clean or replace connected parts
3. Apply silicone oil to the contact surface between metal and rubber
4. Lubricate metal-to-metal friction points with MoS2 lubricating oil
5. Clean up the following steps

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