Brake Caliper Brackets

Brake Caliper Brackets

Get a new brake caliper bracket.

The brake caliper bracket is installed in the steering joint as a stop surface and installed on the brake caliper.

Why does the brake caliper bracket break

Because driving on the road, surface water or dust and sand particles will enter the hole, resulting in the brake caliper bracket’s corrosion and damage.
When the hole in the caliper bracket is corrupting, one or two caliper pins can cause it to get stuck in the spot, or if the frame is damaged and only holds the caliper on one side, it can exert pressure, causing rapid internal and external wear of the brake liner.

Clean caliper bracket

If your caliper holder is damaged or not badly corroded, clean the inner hole, slowly clean with a brush, then blow with a hairdryer, and finish with a protective wax.
The same is true for brake calipers with integrated sliding pins. If the plugs cannot be replaced on-site, go to an auto parts store.
The replacement cost of the brake caliper bracket
My factory’s price is about $10, but it’s only wholesale, not retail.

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