feature detection method  sampling
Process ID process flow Tooling department serial number  product process class engineering discipline way Testing number frequency
A1 feedstock supplier 1 The material to confirm A Consistent with batch report of materia Supplier assurance
2 performance test The torque current is up to standard Feed detection IQC thrice every batch
A2 assembly employee 1 size B Plus or minus 10 meters  vernier caliper Check for the first time Two to five at a time Each shift is 2 hours long
2 surface inspection A crevice  visual inspection self-inspection Two to five at a time Each shift is 2 hours long
A3 Seal the shell ultrasonic welding machine 1 surface inspection  point of weld visual inspection self-test Two to five at a time The first 10 to boot
A4 product testing detecting set 1 performance stability test A online testing
Torque and speed Machine testing
detecting set 2 online testing A gas tightness
detecting set 3 performance A Power contact point
A5 packaging production  quantity A 30 per box visual inspection Each batch is tested once
surface There is no scratch
A:very important B:importance warranty :2 years