TYLOLCAR Important notifications:

On November 16, the PC market price also rose sharply. The latest price was 20,566.67 yuan per ton, which increased by 3.52% in the last 5 days and 41.51% in the last 60 days.

The rise in PCS is that BPA is used in manufactured chemicals, and BPA has driven up prices across the industry. Many people claim to be working for BPA.

PVC prices have also risen sharply since October. Due to the epidemic, there is a large shortage of PVC in China.

Other chemical feedstocks are also on the rise, such as isopropyl alcohol, which jumped from 6,000 RMB/ ton to 14,100 RMB/ ton, an increase of 135%. A surge has helped the surge in isopropanol prices in overseas demand for disinfectants. Propylene oxide jumped 180.88% to a 14-year high of 19,100 yuan/ton. Polyether jumped 186.8 percent to a 12-year high of 20,500 RMB/ton. Dimethyl carbonate DMC increased 254.17% to 17000RMB/ ton; orders have been scheduled for the Spring Festival next year.TDI rose 87.72% to close at 17,833.33 RMB/ ton, the highest in nearly three years. Acetone increased by 89.19% to 7,000RMB/ton. Overhaul of mainstream factories has led to a sharp decline in upstream supply and a serious imbalance between supply and demand…